A LA CARTE offers a full visual range that is split into three distinct styles to choose from: Color Theory, Au Naturale & Graphic Play. Go with one direction and let it shine, or mix it up for a varied mood.

Color Theory

Color Theory is a bold visual approach for clients looking for high-contrast impact. It tells a story of modern luxury that is made of vivid colors, dynamic shadows, and rich textures.

Color Theory is great for beverages, decadent still lifes, and colorful dishes.

Au Naturale

Au Naturale is an earthy visual approach that takes its inspiration from nature. Easy-breezy and loose in style with soft shadows, it exudes down-to-earth elegance with a timeless quality.

Au Naturale is great for everyday dishes and casual settings.

Graphic Play

Graphic Play is a whimsical visual approach that fills us with unexpected wonder. It has an element of surrealism and an out-of-this-world quality that sparks a feeling of dreamy delight.

Graphic Play is great for playful dishes and graphic arrangements.